Ethics of the Ah! My Goddess Universe

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Ethics of the Ah! My Goddess Universe  Empty Ethics of the Ah! My Goddess Universe

Post by l0ve0fevil on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:43 pm

The AMG universe has an interesting perspective in that we get to see the rationale of apprently divine beings.

Which begs the question-- what is the canon perspective on ethics and ethical dilemmas?

Belldandy makes several references to the importance of her duty to the GRO, and her introduction in the series has her specifically mention that if someone wished for the destruction of the world, Heaven's goddesses could and would make it possible (although she does state that they don't want to give wishes to people with that in mind). This has an interesting Kantian correlation to duty.

However, both the Goddess and Demon approaches to wishes seem to be decidedly Utilitarian.

Also, does the Divine Command Theory apply to the Almighty One? Could Yggdrasil be ultimately seem as the enforcement of DCT? Does Belldandy's defiance of the Almighty during the Lord of Terror arc negate this possibility?

Please think about this with an open mind. (And let the flames begin)

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