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Post by |H*S|Itachi on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:47 pm

well i found this site a while back so idk how long exactly its ben up but anyway its som wat in german i think or som other language but its also mostly in english...anyway heres the site this is the link just for maps on the left side scroll to were it says Wolfenstein ET it must be exactly that name or u might b looking at stuff for a completely different game lol...but check it out if u see anything u like and want on one of our servers just put the name(s) here and wat server u wuld like them on...btw...if u r hosting a server do not download these into any of ur wolfenstein folders that ur using for ur server other wise we will all need it...and if u see anything else u like again post it here and let us kno wat server u want it in...thats all i hav to say...go crazy...but rly

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