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Post by |H*S|Itachi on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:55 am

As most of u already kno I've Ben working on a jaymod server...as som of u hav noticed the shrubbot for it is screwed up so I hav to remake it. To save me time if u could please tell me wat levels hav wat cmds and wat som cmds only som lvls shuld hav...now I'm not asking u to translate the entire shrubbot for etpub into cmds at most I'm asking for 1 lvl at a time so it won't tak me as long if u kno wat I mean...but who evr can help wuld b great evn if it's just 1 lvl by 1 person wuld b very helpful to me...anyway that's all I'm asking for u can ask Ang3l and/or s!lva about it and they will tell u lol...anyway thanks for at least reading this

heres the site for etpub shrubbot cmds just scroll down till u see it http://www.etpub.org/ETPubServerDocs.html if u need it that is

heres the site for jaymod shrubbot cmds http://jaymod.clanfu.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3840 again only if u need it

Thanks again

nvm guys...lol...i was able to get it all done with in a few hours...anyway thanks for reading this again and thanks if you at least tried to help

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